Yoga for children

Yoga has been popular with adults for many years, but only recently have we come to fully understand how beneficial it can be for children.


Helen Smith, a qualified Montessori and yoga teacher will be running classes at schools and other venues in the Yeovil area.


How about a yoga birthday party for your child?


Helen Smith has been teaching children for the last fifteen years. She has been enjoying the benefits of regular yoga practice over many years, and recently qualified as a children’s yoga teacher through the “Yoga Bananas” training scheme.

She feels that yoga is able to address so many of the problems that children of today encounter. It can strengthen and keep their bodies toned and supple, especially important when they spend so much time on activities such as watching TV and playing computer games. It increases body awareness and builds self esteem. It has also been proved to aid children with breathing problems such as asthma, as well as those who find it difficult to concentrate.

 For many years adults have benefited from the therapeutic effects of yoga. Helen feels that this is an added bonus, however, as the main motivation for teaching children’s yoga is that it gets them moving and is FUN!

Yoga is a completely non competitive activity that children can enjoy without worrying about succeeding or failing. It is not related to any religion, however, does encourage children to respect themselves, each other, and their environment.

Helen has now given up full time teaching and will be running yoga classes for children in the Yeovil area from January 2011.

Birthday Party Yoga classes are also available in your home or at a setting of your choice.


For more details, contact Helen at;


Or phone on: 01935 873192